Entry: Gore puff Monday, December 15, 2003

Radio talk show talkers still bring up the Gore comment about the Internet. Did he invent it? Did he create it?

According to salon.com writer and a blog writer, Gore didn't say he "invented" the internet.

Seth Finkelstein's Infothought blog

Did Gore invent the Internet? By Scott Rosenberg


Subject: [declan@well.com: FC: Al Gore: "I took the initiative in creating the Internet"] message

So what are the facts surrounding creating the Internet? OK, only the true computer geeky kinda people would know how the Internet was created, and when, and here's what one of em, obviously, says:

I agree that his Internet quote was definitely reformed, mostly as a shameless political tool against Gore, but he still lied. He said, "I took the initiative in creating the Internet" despite the fact that he was just graduating from college at the dawn of ARPANET.

Sure, he may have contributed to the Internet - I don't know anything about that in particular - but to say that he "took the initiative" in creating something that was already there before he had any affect on it was still a pretty blatant lie.


Well, that's what I wondered. Gore still is a puff piece. I was thinking just before I found this next item, that even if Gore in some way was alone in seeing the value of the "internet" before it was the free exchange of information that it is, wouldn't he, as a Democrat, want to place restrictions on profiteering from the internet?

And now we find even more proof he's a puff piece.

Stephen H. Foerster Creating the Internet

Incredibly, while some gleefully mock Goreís gaffe, others defend his astonishing claim. Vinton Cerf, himself sometimes called "Father of the Internet" for co-creating TCP/IP, defended Goreís claim on the basis that Goreís legislative positions have supported subsidizing research on information technology. David Farber, another early participant in the Internetís development, agreed, and added that by using the term "information superhighway" Gore helped to popularize the new medium.

It is unfortunate but cannot be helped if a few important figures from the Internetís past choose to defend Gore through hagiographic revisions of history. Worse, however, is that Goreís political opponents have missed the greater deception in Goreís statement. Itís not just that Al Gore specifically did not create the Internet specifically, itís that politicians do not create anything, they merely redistribute and destroy.


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