Entry: Real I.D. Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Where are all the people on this issue? 
Why do our federal elected representatives in Congress, and the President, believe they can impose this REAL I.D. requirement on the states to have a "uniform" state-issued identification?  Let me tell you why.  The reason is because the elected officials in the states are cowards.  All the state governors have to do is say no, absolutely not.  We don't believe this requirement is constitutional, therefore, we are not going to create a "biometric" card, nor are we going to create a database of citizens which must be shared with other states and the federal government.

The argument for impostion of the card has been that the September 11, 2001 "hijackers" had obtained drivers' licenses in states.  What the federal government doesn't tell you is that the hijackers were permitted into this country in many cases on "fake" VISAS.  The regulation of the VISAS is under jurisdiction of the federal government.

This morning on Fox News Fox 'n Friends, Republican Congressman "forget his name - he didn't show his real I.D." said the reason for the Real I.D. was because the 9'11 hijackers had obtained drivers' licenses.  He said the Real I.D. cards won't be able to be manipulated.  I'll go into this more later when I review what has been stated by this congressman and others.

I know it is not enough to simply say this is a threat to our liberty.  Our individual liberty.  You want more to convince you to get off your butt and call your state's governor and state general assembly.

I'll work on that this afternoon.  I just wanted to let you all know this issue is not to be ignored just because Congress passed the act.  You can have a say, and you can change the course of history.

You can remain a free citizen, but only if you defeat the Real I.D. in your state.


Watch for the justification for the national id card soon after states cave in to the Real I.D.

It'll be easier for traveling, easier for voting, easier for banking, easier for seeking a job or post-high school education.  Just one number to identify you, what could be easier.

You can't say you haven't been warned.


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