Entry: Dobbs Book Friday, September 24, 2004

Lou dobbs has a book published, right.  No left.  Well, he had believability on his series, Exporting America, before this.  Now he doesn't have the same level of credibility.  One could argue, what about Hannity, and his book.  same, if Hannity were on a origram by himself.  But Hannity is co-host on Fox with Colmes.  Dobbs is by himself.  too bad.

Mike Barnicle, lost credibility long ago.  Now he's with New York Daily News.  He's on Imus, OK I do switch from Fox to CNN to MSNBC early morning and stick with Fox most of the evening.
  And here is Barnicle, on Imus, continuing to spread this falsity about George Bush's national guard service.  "He left early."
 Are these people not wearing their thinking caps?  Bush fulfilled the requirements of his national guard service, period, end of story.

Smart Imus, CBS sticking to we think the contents are accurate, (of the Memo), just can't quite verify those documents.  Imus says, they sound like they are drunk.  Yup, Imus they are drunk alright, drunk on their own power.

The CBS story has propelled all of us into a new world - one where WE have power - we find the truth and spread the truth, no matter what that truth shows.


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