Entry: Discuss truth @Iraq contracts Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Don't miss Steven Kelman's article concerning controversy over those Iraq Reconstruction contracts. "No 'Cronyism' in Iraq," November 6, 2003 Reprinted from Washington Post.

Kelman was interviewed on Fox program hosted by John Gibson on Tuesday, November 10, 2003. He was asked point blank whether the Iraq contracts were in exchange for political donations. Again, as the day before he denied any such connections. He again stated these are career people who award these contracts.

Kelman was a guest on C-Span, Monday, November 10, 2003. He was cited as former Administrator of Office of Federal Procurement, 1993-1997.

Notice, those years were during Clinton's Administration.

Kelman explained the procurement process, citing specifically the agency that has dealt with the contract process for many years. He does make a good case for his position. But many out there will simply not believe him, or anyone else who does not portray their perspective. In other words, don't let the facts stand in the way of my opinion.

Citizen Mom doesn't care a hoot about which side of the so-called aisle the transparent shoe drops.

If critics are going to rant about contracts going to Haliburton, because the current vice President had been associated with Haliburton previously, then critics must find out what connections Clinton/Gore or their extended family had to similar awarded contracts.

Steve Kelman appeared on C-Span, Monday, November 9, 2003, Washington Journal.

Caller to C-Span cites the research of Center for Public Integrity and Charles Lewis.

Host is asking Kelman about the Center's chart of the Top 10 U.S. contractors and campaign contributions.

"They looked at contributions to political campaigns, didn't look to any contributions to other politicians or career people... Inspector General of USAID, report, he says, gave a clean bill of health to USAID... it's easy to put up a chart showing campaign contributions and contracts - that doesn't mean there is a connection between them... the contract decisions are made by career servants," says Kelman.

Kelman also said of course, we must be ever vigilant. Ask the questions.

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